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My deep interest in nutrition resulted from a simple birthday gift of a mountain bike.  When I first received it, I lamented the thought of biking around town breathing in car exhaust.  The fact that I live about two miles from the base of Mt Lemmon was a godsend.  I looked up at that mountain and I immediately new I would someday reach the summit.  At the end of this story is a recommendation on a book that teaches us that life's changes are obtainable one small step at a time.  The book is based on the theory of Kaizen (Kai-good and zen-change or small steps to reach desired results) Consequently, if you are trying to accomplish or improve something, your mind is given the ability to come up with the solutions needed to do so, by not overwhelming it (creates mental fear) but rather by taking tiny incremental steps which develops self actuating motivational habits.  The best thing I love about biking now is that it allows you to experience thought provoking revelations that occur while in a meditative state that one falls into while pedaling.  I've solved many a problem because of it.  The following is what transpired and greatly benefited me by setting a goal to reach the top of this beautiful mountain pictured above.


Before I rode my new mountain bike, I decided to dust off an old ten speed I had in my garage and put it in the back of my jeep and drove to the base of the mountain.  I hopped on my bike and quickly realized that this thing was in terrible shape and that it needed serious care that I never provided.  As I started up the mountain, I thought to myself, boy, this is hard!  (My bike wasn't the only thing out of shape)!  I managed to go about a 1/4 mile up and around the first bend and quickly turned around to go straight home.  In retrospect, what happened next was hilarious!  As I was cowardly coming back down and around that bend, a group of cyclists were coming up the mountain.  Once they saw me, they quickly smiled one by one and gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up as though I had been to the top and was about to coast down to the finish line!  If they only knew, he he...  This is when I unknowingly became determined to succeed by starting the Kaizen theory of taking small steps to what ended up being life lasting healthy habits.  On my 50th birthday, May 18th 2001, I knew that my physical conditioning needed improvement before I attempted to ride any bike.  I incorporated a bicycle training routine that quickly taught me that I needed a balance of mental will power, weight lifting, aerobic conditioning and proper nutrition in order to achieve a personal goal of bicycling to the top of Mt Lemmon.  I began by first visualizing myself doing it and then broke down the goal to tiny increments needed to succeed.  My mountain bike was better suited for climbing because of the comfort and ease of pedaling it provided (like stair stepping) so I began by biking a couple of miles then three and so on until I went as far as I could.  At the time, I could only bike up nine miles because of road construction, so by knowing that the summit was 29 miles, I prepared by biking up and down three times without stopping.  (The highway flag lady looked at me like I was nuts).  Finally the construction ended and the road opened up, so with exhaustive preparation, I initially attempted to climb the full 29 miles non-stop to the observatory but unlike my training routine that allowed me to coast downhill half the time, this was now a steady arduous climb.  Regrettably after 20 miles, I nearly passed out.  (It's called "bonking" or "hitting the wall") which means that I didn't have enough stored energy from needed carbohydrate.  (Your liver stores blood sugar or glucose made from food, especially carbohydrates in the form of glycogen that is converted to energy by a hormone produced by your pancreas called insulin, once this is depleted, it draws on the stored glycogen in your muscles) I quickly realized that it wasn't my mental will power or strength that failed me but a combination of sustained strength and endurance that could only be achieved through proper nutrition.  Your brain can only function with a constant supply of glucose (Blood sugar) from carbohydrate plus oxygen, (the brain is totally glucose dependant and is unable store it) once your glycogen (Stored Glucose) reserves are depleted and you continue to exercise you will get disoriented, confused and eventually, comatose.  (That's why I almost passed out) Once I learned this, I was better prepared (I took carbs for energy with me) and made it to the top laughing at how easy it was in comparison to my first attempt.  Developing these Kaizen style techniques in my life has made it possible for me to repeatedly bicycle non- stop to the Steward Observatory, which is as high as you can climb up Mt Lemmon (9,157 FT) and to do the 113 mile - El Tour De Tucson, with just a couple of months of training.  I entered the 113-mile long city tour and except for a mandatory river wash crossing by foot, managed to do it non-stop with relative ease and in excellent time.  When you exercise this intensely or when you have any kind of muscle pain, you can relieve this by using natures best clay for detoxifying your body by taking a clay bath (use this as a facial as well). Any infected external body sore can be healed with Bentonite clay-




These achievements would not have been possible without me acquiring the knowledge I needed on nutrition through proper diet.  This lesson demonstrated the incredible importance of carbohydrate and oxygen.  An interesting example is when we are at work all day, we unknowingly take shorter breaths in the afternoon, so by doing a simple breathing exercise (oxygenates the blood to your brain) and consuming a small amount of a proper simple or complex carbohydrate (providing needed glucose) that contains either a soluble type fiber, protein or an acid (acids like apple cider vinegar or lemon can and do slow sugar assimilation, just drink a tea or water with either of these mixed in before consuming most meals) which will temper the carbs, will fuel your intelligence by making you alert and ready to handle the rest of day.  (A great afternoon meal is to use a small container that measures about a cup and a half and place a combination of cooked millet, buckwheat groats, quinoa, amaranth and basmati brown rice (Jay's Mix) add blue/rasberrie/marion berries and mixed nuts with little cinnamon/applesauce.  This will really give you a great source of protein, acid, complex carbs to fuel the rest of the day.  If, however, you decided to consume a hamburger/fries type meal (which has to be the #1 American curse for disease) containing artery clogging saturated fat and worse yet, the white bread and fries would create an extreme glucose or better known as a sugar rush that spikes your fat producing hormone insulin that will make you sleepy after you come down from it.  New research has shown that this meal creates 3 to 4 hours worth of inflammatory damage to your body.  Check this out-




In this busy world we live in, we don't manage our time well enough to eat nutritionally but the lessons I learned from biking taught me that you have to make the time!  Bad habits lead to more bad habits that drain your energy and cause you to lose self control over proper food choices.  In researching my nutritional needs, I soon discovered a practical program that maintains body weight, provides sustained energy, helps prevent adult onset type II diabetes and lowers your bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  I lost 25 Lbs, dropped my cholesterol from 208 to 141 (raised my HDL to 60 and lowered my triglycerides to 37) and have never gained it back thanks to this rewarding knowledge.  Most people don't know that some of the worst foods we consume are staples of the American diet (wheat & dairy).  Celiac disease is when a person cannot tolerate a grain protein called "gluten" in grains like wheat, barley and rye.  The grasses (wheatgrass or barley grass) of these grains are closer to vegetables than grains and are good for you.  High gluten grains are utilized for bread making because it binds them like "glue" and that is why farmers have purposely grown higher and higher gluten rich grains so the bread won't tear.  (bread makers even add more gluten beyond what is in the grain!)  Casein is the dairy protein that is also used to make glues.  You may have seen a bottle of Elmers Glue with the picture of a cow on it, Yep, cow dairy is where they get that sticky stuff!   Goat milk/yogurt has an insignificant amount of this glue type protein, therefore it is much much easier to digest and consequently better for your health.  65% of the world utilizes goat milk products with good reason, it has 13% more calcium than cows milk and its fat globules are smaller so it's easier to digest.  Soy and corn have what are called glycoproteins and contain this glue like adhering problem as well.  They can make super glue out of soy!  Why is it important to avoid these glues?  Because our stomach acids can't and don't break them down sufficiently and they clog up what are known as villi, small filament type hairs that give you a large surface area to assimilate nutrients with in our small intestine called the duodenum.  Unfortunately, this happens to be where we absorb most of our food nutrients such as calcium.  When the Villi are plugged up by the glue that passes through, the coating prevents you from absorbing the minerals they're rich in! One of the reasons that Italians and Greeks don't suffer as bad as us by eating these glues is because they generally drink red wine and eat salads after meals that can clean the villi to some degree.  It is possible that as we age we can become deficient in nutrients becasue of this and so perhaps the best thing to do is to avoid these foods. Humans are the only living beings that continue to drink milk past childhood.  That is because we were never taught differently by our parents.  We are all consistantly mesmerized and brain washed by tv ads (especially kids) to consume these potentially harmful foods (Love that white smile)?  I can personally attest to the fact that when I ceased to consume these glue like proteins, I was amazed at the difference in the way I felt and my cravings for breads, bake goods, dairy etc all but disappeared even when I thought it would be really difficult around Christmas!  Here is a site that shows you a video on the subject-




Is it that hard to live without these food items?  No, as I mentioned above, by experimenting I discovered a great substitute I call the "Jay's Mix"  It is something that is really beneficial and nutritious (especially the Buckwheat groats, man I'm so glad I discovered these).  You can still have bake goods if you really need to by buying Quinoa, buckwheat and oat flours which are readily available and you can still have some goat milk with them).  It's not hard to convert, plus you will find new foods that make you feel great and sleep well at night !  Check out the recipe link on the left and you will see how Jay's Mix is made.  Please go to a website (shown below) I use to store my nutritional files called Diinoweb, once there, left click on the nutritional mp3's folder then left click on the folder called "Doctor J8.mp3" and then right click on that file and select "Save link as" (I would suggest saving it to your desktop or where you can find it easily). You will be astonished on what you will learn, by the way, there is a wealth of info on my site, listen to all the files when possible.


Dr John Symes is a veterinarian who has discovered some valuable information and he has his own website to help his patients owners better understand what he has discovered.  You will see that he doesn't try to sell you anything! He like myself are passionate about what we have learned and compelled to want to share it with others. Thanks to him, many people still have their pets because they took his advice and they quit feeding them wheat (high in gluten) & dairy, as you may have read, a bad Chinese gluten was introduced in many of the reputable companies dog food products which in turn took the lives of many pets.  Good work Dr Symes!
Once my goal of biking these long distances was finally accomplished, (Oh, to those of you who ride road bikes, yes, all these type of bicyclists past me up the mountain but when they turned around to head back, like the tortoise, I continued to the top without stopping) I continued to do the long mountain biking runs once per week but then I learned that it is healthier to do shorter biking rides or any aerobic type exercise that breaks a sweat after twenty min's or so two to three times per week.  This is a health conditioning routine that produces less internal inflammation. (Internal inflammation is being implicated in many diseases and is what ages us) Please be aware that being a weekend warrior and doing long extended rides or over exercising can be counterproductive because you create high internal inflammation from the creation of free radicals.  As in anything, moderation is key.  This is why it is very important to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables that contain a rainbow of colors with anti-inflammatory spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, hot peppers and garlic that will combat and neutralize this premature age causing inflammation.  In addition to these herbs and spices, there is a proven supplement that has a synergistic group of ingredients that will really curtail inflammation.  Here's a site that explains the herbs and spices it contains followed by a study on prostate cancer-

It is very beneficial to incorporate a weight lifting program a couple of times per week that helps build fat burning muscle but more importantly strong bones which delays osteoporosis both in women and men.  Weight training is also valuable for weight loss because it keeps burning calories post exercise and keeps burning calories by trying to repair muscle for 24 hrs without you knowing that it is even happening.  In preventing type ll diabetes, exercise helps stabilize blood sugars.  Over the years I have gone from trying to build muscles to a better understanding that being lean and mean is not only healthier but easier on your system.  To build and maintain large muscles takes an incredible amount of fuel that can be hard on your organs not to mention the time and money to sustain them.  Moderation.  Learn this word well.  It is so critical to get proactive with your personal health, ignorance is anything but bliss here, it can prematurely shorten your life with disease and discomfort that can be avoided or delayed if you get off your butt and start researching what you need to know now.  One of the best books on any disease prevention and heart health is located on the navigation links bar up top and to the left called "Stop Inflammation Now" by Richard Fleming MD.  Do whatever it takes to read that book!  Over the years I've bought several types of machines to squeeze out a higher amount of nutrients from food.  I ultimately discovered that the key to nutrition is to consume the whole food and not just the juice.  The Vitamix (Please remember I get no compensation from any product I recommend) is by far the best tool you can own for health producing benefits.  It is demonstrated at the home shows and occasionally at Costco.  If you see what it can do, you will be convinced as I was.

Another good machine for making masa gluten free tortillas out of the five Seed/Grains (Jay's mix) is:


A quick example is that most people would think that drinking carrot juice is very good for you but did you know that while it is rich in beta carotene, it is also very high in sugar!  Your body could handle all this sugar if you were exercising but the idea is to eat whole foods which provide a balanced meal/drink.  Fiber is a vital part of healthy eating and by removing it as typical juicers do, you are left with everything but the fiber.  The Vitamix is awesome at grinding whole foods.  The biggest advantage over normal blenders is that the manual knob gives you better variable speed control to go from making hot soup to a healthy nut type ice cream and more importantly, the noise level is low for what this machine can crank.  Having said that, I recommend the Jack Lalanne Power juicer (Costco) to juice hard to digest vegetables like cabbage. (Juicing carrots, beets, apples and adding it to the vitamix concoction is a good way to get the sugar from those items to assimilate slower due to the fiber) Cancer cells are always present in our bodies so it is important to keep them at bay with nutrients that keep them from going crazy and it is most common in seniors because it takes years for our natural defenses to break down and give up.  Unfortunately, diabetes is growing among younger adults because of poor nutritional choices.  Traditional doctors are trained to diagnose symptoms and are taught to prescribe drugs which can save your life in extreme situations but are to often administer unnecessarily not to mention that their clients demand them!  Would it not be better if they would make it a prerequisite to educate themselves and their patients on nutrition to help get to the root of their symptoms?  This is why you need to take the initiative to take care of yourself.  Everyone is different and only a professional can determine what diet or exercise program is best.  I highly recommend that you find a physician that has a strong background in nutrition.  Today, there are physicians that are trained in integrated medicine (this is a physician that has been trained in nutritional/physical therapies to help prevent and treat common medical symptoms seen in their patients) that are seasoned.  Unfortunately not every health insurance plan covers them but your health is more important then perhaps some of the frivolous purchases we commonly make in our lives.  After reading about a dozen books on nutrition, I found that the Glycemic Index concept made the most sense and can honestly say that it really worked for me!  Though there are several books on this subject, I found the "New Glucose Revolution", by Jennie Brand Miller, to be one of the best and easiest to understand. (Available at your local library) If you have a library card, go to the "Library/Store Locations" link located up top to the left and follow the directions to reserve it online. The Glycemic Index concept (GI) is about how certain carbohydrates, known as high glycemic carbohydrates, break down very rapidly, sending an excess amount of glucose into the bloodstream.  When this happens, the pancreas responds by sending out large amounts of hormone called insulin to handle the load.  Why is this important?  Because when we consume these high glycemic foods, insulin is called upon to convert these blood sugars or glucose into energy with the help of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase.  However, If we are not exercising at the time to use this available energy this enzyme converts that sugar to unwanted body fat, high triglycerides (blood fat) and high cholesterol.  When doing strenuous exercise however, this excess blood sugar becomes vital by being converted to energy that the body and brain need to keep us from getting exhausted and mentally disoriented.  Plus, consuming carbs/protein during and immediately after exercising restores our liver/muscle glycogen (remember, glycogen is stored energy) and prepares our bodies for the next exercise session with little or no muscle soreness.  This is also important when you are weight lifting to build muscle which can be fruitless if you don't get the protein/carbs you need to repair the muscle you broke down within 30 min's after lifting.  These books describe which foods will help you maintain your weight while providing a level of sustained energy while alleviating your cravings for sweets or relenting to commercialized saturated trans-fatty, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oils contained in crackers, donuts, candy and pastry goods.  Check out the "Cravings Exposed" link I provide up left of this page.  Various foods have been tested and are rated between 1-100+ with glucose setting the standard at 100.  Sugar is 50% sucrose and 50% fructose, oddly enough, the fructose gets absorbed much slower then say white bread, (white bread is worse than sugar because it is processed into such fine molecule particles that your body absorbs faster, consequently, it is like adding gas to an open flame, which in turn spikes the hormone insulin and unfortunately re-starts that fat convergence cycle if your not exercising)!  There was a time when only the rich could afford to consume these highly refined white flour non-foods because they were very labor intensive and expensive to produce but modern technologies have made them universally available so consequently the poor now develop diseases that only the sedentary wealthy unwittingly previously acquired.  (As an example- adult onset type II diabetes).  White bread and high fructose corn syrup products found in an unbelievable variety of foods combined with less routine exercise is the main reason that this country has such an obesity/health crisis.  Conversely, foods like nuts and seeds that have a low glycemic rating are healthy (if eaten in their natural state) because of the type of good fat they provide but should be consumed with no refined sugar or salt and in moderation.  In order to eradicate cravings, the key is to consume low to mid glycemic fiber rich foods with moderate amounts of good fats (this combination satisfies your hunger for food longer which means less weight gain) i.e. (mercury free fish oils, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined flax oil (flax oil is recommended for women more then for men because a very small amount of studies have indicated a correlation between consuming this oil concentrate and prostate cancer, the seed is much safer to ingest because again the whole food has the fiber and co factors to make it healthful and not harmful, I personally grind a tablespoon each of this plus chia and sesame seed in a coffee grinder and add it to my breakfast) Along with this you could have a tablespoon of lemon flavored fish oil like Carlson's Fish Oil, It isn't fishy at all, it tastes good. You will notice that I refer to various oils on this page but you must be aware that all oils are high in fat and should be used with extreme moderation (there's that word again) plus all oils are prone to going rancid, as most of us have good intentions of consuming oil we buy in a timely manner, more often then not it sits for weeks or months and invariably goes rancid so it becomes more harmful than healthful.   Any oil you buy should be kept in dark glass with a wine type nozzle that has a manual valve for removing all the air out.  This will assure that it stays as fresh as possible as long as you don't forget about it.  Incredible as it may seem, most oils in supermarkets and especially in health food stores are really "white oils" meaning that, as in white bread, they have had all their nutrients stripped by chemicals or high heat processing that leaves them more carcinogenic then healthful.  (Look for "Unrefined" on the label). Don't assume cold pressing is OK, because that is only part of the oil making process, after it is pressed, it may be deodorized with chemicals etc.  The only oil safe to consume available in supermarkets is extra virgin olive oil and the only safe oils in health food stores are the unrefined ones.  You may have tried and discovered that low fat diets don't work primarily because the little fat you do ingest is usually a saturated type and you unknowingly consume the wrong high glycemic carbohydrates that get converted to fat because they are absorbed too quickly. This also means that they don't satiate your hunger so you consequently tend to eat more of them and gain more weight! - as an example, "rice cakesThe way to temper the insulin spiking effects of high carbohydrate food is to consume it with some sort of acid, (Want some proof about the power of an acid helping to negate an insulin rush? Check this out-


So, how simple would it be to consume some olive oil and apple cider vinegar on a pre-meal salad? Of these three, protein, fiber or a good fat, fiber is the easiest to employ for stabilizing blood sugar, as an example, take the different ways one can consume an apple, there is apple juice, apple sauce and the whole apple, all three contain carbs, apple juice is the least desirable for weight control/health because it is almost pure sugar, (when consuming any type of fruit juice, it is better to mix it with water 3 parts to 1) it has no fiber so it gets converted to fat the easiest (unless your exercising) and is considered high glycemic, apple sauce has the pulp, so now we have added some fiber, so consequently it is slower to raise your blood sugar levels which requires a less insulin response,  but clearly the whole apple is the overall winner because it has the peel and the pulp so consequently your body really has to work hard to digest it which makes it a moderate glycemic food and is the least harmful in weight/health management.  The peel contains a strong antioxidant call quercetin found in abundance in red apples.  An added note is that applesauce has a great virtue of helping reduce blood glucose but when you add cinnamon, it becomes a dynamo duo.  You can add cinnamon to applesauce or buy it already mixed.  Check it out-

and here is some scientific info on cinnamon-

Nay sayers of the glycemic index theory claim that most meals have a combination of carbs, proteins and fats so the meal is balanced and the theory doesn't hold up but just the size of a meal, even a nutritional one, creates a glycemic load that can spike your insulin, so it is advisable to keep your meal sizes down and to have a preferable mixture of lean protein, low/moderate glycemic carbs, and healthy fats at every meal if at all possible, by doing this, you can focus on utilizing the Glycemic Index theory benefits on the snacking part of your diet.  Once you learn this concept, you will find that this diet is easy to implement and consequently, keep for life. A great book that can help you learn these low to high glycemic foods by color coding them for you, is the GI Diet by Rick Gallup.  Just left click on his book shown below to take you to his website for more info.  Another good book is "Eat, Drink and be Healthy" by Walter Willett (Available at your local library which you can reserve on my library link up top to the left) He is a master in long term human studies dealing with health related diseases and the nutrition that can help.  The most important thing I learned from his book was the need for multivitamin/mineral supplement.  I never bought the theory that overly cultivated soils were so nutrient depleted that they couldn't produce vitamin rich foods, because in reality, plants synthesize vitamins as they grow.  Minerals, however, are dependant on soil quality.  So, even if you ate a perfect diet and exercised as you should, this may not be enough because today's environment has introduced us to thousands of new chemicals, toxins and pesticides/herbicides which have found their way into our food, water and air.  Add this to today's tremendous amount of work related stress and you may just agree that a good diet is insufficient to combat all this.  He recommends a simple inexpensive multi as a safeguard. When looking at vitamins try to get something that has government assurances of quality and assimilation and are balanced in vitamin percentages across the board.  B-12, Folic Acid, and B6 are extremely important!  Click on the "Methyl Magic" link on the navigation bar up top to the left and you will see why.  B-12 is made in various qualities, be sure to buy the form "methylcobalamin" and not "Cyanocobalamin" if at all possible, your body assimilates it better.  Capsules are preferable but here is a suggestion for any tablet supplement you may take, soak it in water the night before.  You will get the most out of it this way.  In weight loss, assuring yourself of certain vitamin/minerals can curb your cravings (Check out the cravings exposed link up top to the left).  If you eat well, try taking half the dosage they recommend, supplements will last longer this way.  You can get a glimpse of his book on Amazon's site.  I found a 50-page excerpt that you can read, check it out! You need to left click on the link below and then left click on the book photo to get the sample pages


Left click on the Glycemic Index link or the book photos below for more info - (I recommend the links they provide as well)
After learning about the glue like problem of glycoproteins from Dr John Symes' interview on an anti-ageing conference in Europe, I learned that the two main genetically modified foods are corn (of which cows are fed and the public then receives the potentially problematic milk and the meat of course) then there's the soy of which Mansanto has manipulated for their chemical "Round Up".  So, now it's not only the glue of these two foods but the genetic modified organisms and their ramifications that we face.  If you are unaware of these genetic modified foods, you need to get proactive and understand this information for the safety of your family!  I just listened to a 3 hour interview with Jeffrey Smith author of "Genetic Roulette".  I wish I was able to record it but there's some info you can get listed below.  Jeffrey Smith is unemotional and very lucid with such incredible scientific scrutiny and back-up in writing his book "Genetic Roulette."   It will shock you, make you mad and will cause you to get involved in stopping this practice of experimenting with our food supply, buying organic will have a new meaning to you.  Left click on the following link, once there watch the video "The Future of Food" film clip to better understand all this.  Secondly, go to the next link and look around this website because there is a wealth of information-



If you don't believe that corporations like Mansanto are killing us for profit, read this article of what Monsanto did to this town alone-




Here is a link to a Google Video with reknown nutritionist Gary Null's "Supercharge Your Immune System" Good viewing...





Left Click On Book to Learn an Easy Method!
Traffic Light Method of Catagorizing Food Choices


A leading jounalist who has diabetes and specializes in its info is David Mendosa and here is his website which is very comprehensive-
People who utilize the Atkins diet or weight watchers programs do lose weight but in my opinion risk eating foods that are just not that healthy for us.  The late Dr Atkins has to be given credit for raising the publics awarness on junk carbohydrates including white flour products such as bread but in the beginning he promoted high levels of saturated protein foods to replace carbs. (they recently backed off and said to curtail high intake of saturated fatty food) The Atkins diet encouraged large amounts of saturated fat found in meat, eggs and dairy.  The Adkins Foundation now recommends the Glycemic Index for choosing your carbs to consume.  A modified Atkins diet is better because it is good to limit the junk carbs we consume while eating mostly low to mid glycemic complex carbs but it is also critical to consume good quality protiens and fats (These are carbs that digest slowly and protein/fats that contain essential fatty acids (EFA'S) which are simply the most important fats for optimal health.  Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are found in foods such as nuts especially walnuts, freshly ground flaxseed or its oil, chia seeds, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach/collard greens /kale and it is not necessary to eat meat. The higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in the body also makes the red blood cells more flexible and comfortable, allowing them to readily reach oxygen starved tissues which improves the utilization of energy in the body.  Here's a site that helps explain the importance of omega 3 and nutrition for joint health- 
Your body can't make EFA's on their own, you have to consume them from the foods you eat.  Flax/hemp seeds and eating rich greens which provide the healthy EFA's found in nature.  Feeding livestock grains produces high saturated fat that makes your blood platelets sticky, which in turn plug up your arteries.  Pork can be problematic because its meat has a greater potential for viruses and parasites.  The Adkins foundation now recommends buying organic hormone chemical free meat products but you can be sure people do not do this and consume meat that is high in nitrates, hormones, antibiotics which lead to health problems.  Because meat in general has such a propensity for disease and unhealthy fat, one could argue for a diet based on being vegetarian (organic fruits, vegetables and nuts & seeds) as being desirable.  I found it really interesting to learn that good fat (essential fatty acids) attacks saturated fat in our arteries because EFA's contain high levels of LNA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid) which disperse saturated fatty acids that clog your arteries.  Additionally, the Adkins diet that is high in protein may be harmful to your kidneys long term.  There are health risks to be considered with the Atkins style of weight loss.  This diet restricts carbohydrates considerably but as I mentioned above, your brain can't store glucose so it needs a constant supply of good carbs.  Fruit has received a bad rap from low carb diets like Atkins but here is a site that will educate you about the importance and benefits of fruit eaten in moderation.  Don't leave home without them!
The key to consuming carbs is to eat only as many as you can burn or they will be converted to fat!  (tropical fruits are higher in fructose than fruits like apples, pears, cherries and blueberries) This concept is compounded as we age because our metabolism tends to slow down.  This is why it is so important to develop good eating habits when we are young.  Click on the "Dangers of Protein Diets" up top to the left to read the thorough dangers of Atkins type diets.  The most important fact about consuming proper amounts of carbs from fruit/vegetables/nuts is that they contain micronutrients/phytochemicals, a phytochemical is a natural bioactive compound found in plant foods that works with nutrients and dietary fiber to protect against disease (remember, look for the rainbow of colors).  They may help slow the aging process and reduce the risk of many diseases.  Recently, I saw this number one seller at the bookstore called The South Beach Diet by a famous cardiologist, Arthur Agatston, amazingly,  it encompasses for the most part what I believe and have studied and shared with you on this website.  He essentially discovered what I did, the importance of the glycemic index and the need for the right types of fats (Essential Fatty Acid's) while restricting saturated fat.  The only difference between us is that I wouldn't recommend eating grain fed red meat or any amount of dairy he allows.  While he recommends exercise, I take some exception to his "you don't need to exercise option" and his recommendations on milk substitutes (not real food, is it?).  He also doesn't warn you about the dangers of heating most oils (read Udo Urasmus's book shown below to learn the structure of all oils and how they affect you).  Dr Agatston also admits taking a statin drug (lowers cholesterol) for maintenance reasons, cholesterol is so easily handled by proper nutrition and one does not need to resort to this.  I strongly feel that people look to drugs to continue with their bad habits.  Any drug that is used has a negative response on your liver of which we can not afford to hamper because it is so vital for functional health.  Red rice yeast which is a natural statin, can have the same side effects as synthetic statins which are muscle pain and muscle weakness and is hard on the liver as well.  (as an example, eggs are low in saturated fat and high in nutrients but they are also high in both good and bad cholesterol.   That is why it is important to eliminate animal rich cholesterol food with the vitamin / mineral / essential fatty acids / fiber from a healthy vegan diet plus exercise which will always raise your good cholesterol.  People who have high/bad cholesterol can reduce it by consuming more fiber as in oats, apple pectin, beans, peas and ground flax meal (use a coffee grinder so it is fresh).  If this is not enough to do the job, a combination of niacin/chromium supplementation has been shown to  to reduce cholesterol.   Dr Agatston does a great job of explaining the potential for heart disease and the potential for diabetes as it relates to your diet.  Check out his website by left clicking on the his book photo shown.  Weight watchers is another program of concern because you can eat anything you want as long as you count the allotted daily points (which takes time to learn) but again if you still make poor choices in foods it will still be garbage nutrition which means a weakened defense system in the long run. So, the key is to eat moderate portions of balanced meals which contain a variety of the right type of foods balanced with a fun exercise program!  Check the Calorie Control Council's  low carb craze page for more info on all this (once you read the article, go to the main Calorie Control Council's main site by pressing on the home link shown on this page)
It is a constant battle to balance food consumption with energy needs. This unequivocally proves that you can gain more weight the less you exercise but you can lose more weight by the way you eat!  The food pyramid has been revamped and Dr Willit author of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, has done a good job of helping us understand what the latest research from long studies have shown.  I personally feel that there are to many ethnic groups to recommend certain foods to and feel that everyone should write down what their traditional foods are and do the research to see if they are healthy.  Here is a list of foods you should consider if you don't have strong traditional recipes.  Try to consume these foods as often as possible because they contain the important essential fatty acids (EFA's) / antioxidants / nutrients / fiber that help prevent most human diseases.  Here is a video explaining the value of these high ORAC foods (rich in antioxidants)
  1. Industrial Hemp Oil  (For Vegetarians, it's the best)
  2. Unrefined Canola Oil  (Buy raw in can type, Guess what? Olives are fruits)!
  3. Black Mission Figs (Fruit richest in soluble & insoluble fiber- no preservatives)
  4. Prunes (High ORAC Value and great for vitamin Aand digestion)
  5. Flax/Chia/Sesame/Pumpkin Seed  (Release nutrients with coffee grinder and eat immediately with whole grains- Quinoa, Oat Groats, Buckwheat Groats)
  6. Chlorella or Dulse Seaweed (Nutrient rich & flushes metals like Mercury, PCB's)
  7. Organic Chard or Spinach  (If iodine intolerant skip the Spinach)
  8. Bok Choy/Red & White Cabbage/Sprouts  (Nutrient dense food)
  9. Pumpkin/Carrots/Sweet Potato/Butternut Squash  (Beta Carotene Rich)
  10. Organic Black/Pinto/kidney Beans (Fiber rich nutrient base foods)
  11. Broccoli/Cauliflower/Asparagus/Brussels Sprouts (Try steam cooked) 
  12. Red-Orange-Yellow Sweet Bell Peppers (Rich in antioxidants - red is the best)
  13. Pink Grapefruit/Orange/Lemon/Limes (Eat whole grapefruit & oranges, juice lemoms/ limes with other vegetables and add fish/flax oil) 
  14. Garlic/Onions/leeks/Scallions  (Sulpher rich foods-Use Parsley or Cilantro for odor control)
  15. Fresh or Canned Salmon/Sardines (Alaskan Wild is one of the best sources of EFA's)
  16. Avocado  (Healthy monounsaturated fat / shock full of vitamins -replace saturated fat) 
  17. Tomato Sauce (Cooking provides more Lycopene same with carrots)
  18. Skinless Chicken Breast (Safest are the free range/drug free lean type) 
  19. Acai/Pomegranate/Aronia/Blueberry/Strawberry/Rasberries/Cranberries (Extremely rich in antioxidents)
  20. Pineapple/Papaya/Grape/Cantaloupe/Mango/Apple/Watermelon)(Antioxident rich! Fights inflammation)  
  21. Turmeric/Cinnamon/Ginger/Rosemary/Oregano/Cayenne/Holy Basil (Eat these and you will live to see your great great grand kids)  
  22. White or Green Tea /Rooibos Tea (Best teas you can drink. Drink as much as you can- White tea is Green tea leaves with hardly any caffiein)!
  23. Almond/Walnut/Filberts/Macadamia/Brazil Nuts/Pecans (Presoaked) Great fats and nutrient rich)
  24. Best Anti-Inflammatories- Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne, Holy Basil, Garlic! (Keep all four handy to put on main meals of the day)!  Also, cinnamon, is an incredible spice for insulin because it makes your cells more recptive to this hormone so your body doesn't have to over produce it, (remember, it causes you to gain weight easily) consequentley,  it's a great sugar regulator that will help prevent insulin resistance which will help you in avoiding diabetes!
  25. Buckwheat/Oat Groats/Quinoa/Basmati Brown Rice (Jay's Mix)(Buckwheat is the best anti-cholesterol food to date! Try Buckwheat/Quinoa. Oat flour with Goat yogurt pancakes and add Berries and Agave Nector as your topping! Delicious!)) 

Once you get accustom to eating these foods, you will unknowingly get really creative and mixing them in ways you never dreamed about!  Be creative!  It's fun!  My recipe's (available on the link up left of this page) are concoctions I've mixed from this list and they taste great to me,  you will probably like to combine them differently.  Learn to be a top craftsman by utilizing these foods as your tools in shaping your current and future health.  Here is some sound advice-




Two tests that can reveal the potential for heart disease are your levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) (measures inflammation) and your Homosystine Levels.  Worried about cholesterol?  Learn about it: (Check out the "Fat" link near the bottom of this page.




Here is a good site for how food is utilized by your body:




Just click on each link provided.


Health Tea -


Here's a great alternative to sodas, regular tea or coffee.  Combine White/Green/Rooibos tea with sliced fresh ginger and lemon then enjoy the great taste and tremendous well researched health benefits they provide.  You won't need to sweeten this tea because it tastes great!  Heat enough water to fill one of those snapple size bottles (which equals 2 cups) and place 1 bag each in the bottle and let it brew for about 4 minutes.  Squash slices of fresh ginger with a garlic press into your drink.  The antioxidants last for about 48 hrs so you can refrigerate it in the summer for ice tea.  You should reuse the same bags once.  Think of ways that you can have as much of this tea as possible daily, because studies have demonstrated beneficial health effects.  4 to 10 cups daily will give you the most benefit.   This may very well detox your system. (Ginger is a tremendous anti-inflammatory).  It is very important that this be consumed between meals as the tannins in tea prevent complete absorption of protein and iron.  I highly recommend Rooibos red tea in the morning with breakfast (use it as the base for your smoothie) and before bedtime. Most people don't know that white,green,oolong and black tea are from the same leaf! It's all in the processing.  White has the least caffeine and has the most antioxidants, Black tea has the most caffeine but still rich in antioxidants check it out-



We get enough sugars from the fruit we eat and I recommend adding very little sweeteners in your diet so you don't crave them as much in other meals or drinks.  So consider dumping your sodas which contain- Phosphoric Acid: (may interfere with the body's ability to assimilate calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis or softening of the teeth and bones. Phosphoric acid also may neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which can interfere with digestion, making it difficult to utilize nutrients). The soda and calcium thing may be that we are just substituting a poor liquid and therefore we don't get the best nutrition because of it.  The teas mentioned above can help cleanse your body and taste good to boot!  Try grinding a stick of cinnamon in a coffee grinder and adding it to this tea for an after dinner drink.  It has no caffeine and is naturally great for digestion plus helps with sugars.  Everyone recommends drinking plenty of water with good reason and we get about four to six glasses worth of water from the food and variety of drinks like I just recommended so you really only need to drink a glass of water before and after each main meal which will help you feel full so you won't eat too much!  Heavy work-outs will require more.  Check these links out for info on teas.









Ann Louise Gittleman has some great advice for those of us that need to lose weight.  She recognized and demonstrates how it's necessay to do a thorough cleansing of our vital organs like our liver to facilitate an efficient metabolism for weight loss.  She has done an awesome job of designing a nutritionally healthful and beneficial process to get in shape and stay that way!  By trying to make it easy for you to follow her regime, she offers supplements designed to follow the plan easier, however the reason I like her is because she also recommends that you shop for the best products on your own and save some money if you wish.  I found the Clorox wash very informational for removing pesticides from our food.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did...

When you strive to lose weight, never look at a scale especially if you do weight lifting exercises because muscle is heavier than fat.  A more accurate way of determining fat loss is by looking at your shrinking belt size, this allows you to see true fat loss.  This is why the BMI (body mass index) method of determining obesity is too simple and does not apply to people that build muscle, follow the links on this site for the waist measuring aspect.  (Click on the limitations of BMI link on that page)

This is a must read book - Who is Udo Erasmus?

Udo Erasmus is an international authority on fats, oils, cholesterol and human health.  In 1980 his life took a significant turn when he was poisoned by pesticides.  When conventional medicine was unable to provide help, he concluded that his health was his own responsibility and turned his attention to nutrition.  Several years of research culminated in his Canadian best-selling book, Fats that Heal Fats that Kill which earned him a PhD in nutrition.  In 1983, he began to pioneer technology for pressing and packaging edible, fresh oils made with health in mind, by excluding the three main factors that can transform nutritious oils into toxic ones - light, heat, and oxygen.  Until that time, oils were highly processed by destructive methods, sacrificing health benefits in order to attain longer shelf life. This book will open your eyes to the importance of fats and how they can either promote or degrade your health.  If you want to learn how fats affect you and how they are altered by heating and their manufacture, read this book! I love this comment he once stated - "In order to cure ourselves of these diseases, we need to know what health is. Health is easier to master than a language, far easier than algebra.  It is about as difficult as learning to ride a bicycle."  For more information on Udo Erasmus left click on his book photo.


Wow! These books are great!  If you would like to keep your memories, alertness, overall mental health and help prevent Alzheimer's, then you need to read these books.  the Edge Effect really does a great job of informing you about how the brain controls all aspects of your physical and mental health.  The Better Memory Kit is even better!  Left click on the the photo of each book to go to their respective websites.


The key to optimum health is to balance all this by incorporating an exercise program that is fun/enjoyable and certainly not boring.  Exercise is where the high glycemic foods help you sustain and rejuvenate your body without gaining the weight! (Check out the Exercise for Life Link up top to the left) It seems that everyone is looking for that magic pill or diet that allows you to avoid exercising.  It will never happen!  Exercise is the best all around solution because it will allow you to live a longer and healthier life if you balance it with a good diet and by focusing on your mental health through meditation. Meditation is highly recommended for stress and is tremendously helpful to our lives but most of us can't seem to find the time to implement this life altering habit. Starting an exercise routine, eating better or learning to meditate can be somewhat daunting.  Relax I will help you. You may think that you have to hire professionals to help you meet your health goals but you don't necessarily need to spend the money, you can ask the people you know that are well trained in their discipline and you can just practice Kaizen which literally means: Change(Kai)  to become good (Zen) which is an ancient Zen philosophy that was ironically reintroduced in Japan after the second world war by an American named Dr Edward Demming to help the Toyota corporation become extremely efficient in their industrial development. Most of us are conditioned to think that effective change has to be painful. But the kaizen philosophy can teach you that you can achieve enormous benefits when you improve by the tiniest increments. We can use this theory in accomplishing great life long habits by taking incredibly small steps to reach our ultimate health goals. Robert Maurer author of One Small Step Can Change Your Life, is awesome in explaining this concept and I highly recommend the book, your life will greatly benefit from this helpful knowledge. Left click on the book to see some more info.

Complimenting a healthy lifestyle is the power of a good nights sleep.  I hope to make it a priority in my life as it plays a dramatic role in your overall health-much like proper nutrition and exercise.  Studies published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association and Lancet found that loss of sleep can negatively influence a hormone called cortisol that is responsible for controlling appetite. The result? You may find you're hungry even after eating an adequate amount of food. In addition to affecting appetite control, sleep loss can also interfere with carbohydrate metabolism, leading to an increase in blood glucose levels and increased fat storage.  Without enough sleep, your body will be challenged to reach its optimal state of health, in fact it can be deadly, more auto accidents occur while falling asleep at the wheel then I care to mention.  I've read mixed reports on the timing of your sleep- for example from 1am to 7am versus 9pm to 4am will affect its quality.  The more hours that you sleep before midnight and in synch with the sun the better off you will be. I also attended a health conference where a sleep specialist explained that as long as you get the number of hours you need, it really doesn't matter. (though he did say that your body temp is the coolest aroung 3AM and you should go to sleep 3 hours before this occurs) I like the idea of going to bed early if you can train yourself.  It is hard to start this routine and the few times I've managed to do it made it very rewarding.  The early morning hours are very relaxing,  I found that my thinking and creativity were more acute due to the fact that I felt more refreshed and relaxed, which naturally allowed me to get more done.  If you would like to know more about the food you eat, click on the link below...

Here are a few thoughts I'll leave you with....
Life shouldn't be measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away...
So as always....
Love as though you've never had your heart broken,
Dance as though nobody is watching you,
And work like you don't need the money


DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice.  Consult you health care provider for your individual nutritional and medical needs.  The opinions are strictly those of the author and are not necessarily those of any professional group or other individual